22 July – 21 October 2017

Outdoor – 90 Pond Street, Stowe, Vermont, USA

With significant support from the Stowe community, the outdoor sculpture exhibition Exposed. will be celebrating it’s 26th year this summer 2017.

Building on a tradition of excellence, this year’s exhibition will feature internationally renowned sculptors Mark di Suvero and Lionel Smit, alongside New York artist Victoria Palermo, and regionally established artists Judith Wrend, Walter Horak, Christopher Curtis, Ted Ceraldi, Karen Petersen, Tom Douglas, Rodrigo Nava, Colin Moore. Mark di Suvero.

The inclusion of the Lionel Smit sculpture MORPHOUS – Bronze, 375.8 x135 x 240.8cm, Edition 3 of 4, 2014 – was made possible by the generous loan of CYNTHIA-REEVES. Morphous is an exploration of hybrid identity and its ever-changing nature in South Africa’s social landscape. It evokes a question of time, of past and future, and of the balance point at which my country finds itself, as it embarks on the next chapter of a post-apartheid and post-Mandela South Africa, a future South Africa. This “double-vision” is a foretelling and an acknowledgment of what has already passed, a societal commentary without judgment. The figures are charged with an emotive and gestural energy.

Self-guided cellphone audio tours; an extensive website; walkabout tours; a full color catalogue with images and descriptions; and a comprehensive map cohesively work to create a more accessible exhibition, engaging the anticipated 75,000+ visitors.

Curated by Rachel Moore, Director and Curator at the Helen Day Art Center and Stephanie Walker, Assistant Curator.